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yearling mohair curls washed 1 oz 5-8" doll wigs,weft,fairies or rooting 25288

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  •  Mohair washed white curly yearling 5-8" length  
  • Item #  25288
  • Amount 1 oz
  • Photo is a close up of 5 oz  from this fleece - washed  listing is for just 1 oz
  • please note this lot is bulk , which means I have not lined it up
  • Nice length and very little VM                     

The washed white mohair curls  color is a natural creamy white may have some slightly tan tips , This is sold in one oz lots so you can buy what you need .This is a great length for doll wigs , wonderfully shiny and ready to dye into ringlets in any color you need for your fairy or doll  . shown as it came off the dryer this is washed but not picked, the mohair has great color , Any small bits of bedding or hay will mostly fall out during proccessing and combing the fiber .  ( best done after wefting or dyeing )