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Yak hair weft bright orange 2% theatrical wig making 7-8 "x 66" 26617 HP

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 Yak hair weft color Bright Orange ,  natural wave  Half pack  7-8" x 66-72 " 20-25 g 

Fine Yak hair ,theatrical wig makingYak is often used to fill in human hair wigs  
and is the premium fiber for Clown and theatrical wig making 

wefted Yak hair is a bit fuller than human hair or goat mohair

Fine texture this is heavy  like  human hair  with a very slight crimpy texture

fine Yak is not as stiff and crimpy as the coarse yak ,more silky hand and less pouffy at the ends

Wave is natural  this has a more fluffy texture than human hair or goat  each hair has a slight wave

color Bright orange 2%
hair length hair is mostly 7-8"   but this is not perfectly even there are some shorter hairs in the weft  ( price is much higher to get weft with no short hairs at all )
This is really wonderfully luminecent
This has not been straightened  It is meant for clown and theatrical wig making

sewn with light thread  ( I find the thread is not taking the dyes well so it will show especially on dark colors )

Half  pack -  is about 40-50g ,this weft comes in  90-100 gram packages ( weights do vary a bit pack to pack )  (and is sold as a full pack , 1/2 pack or 1/4 pack)  

length of weft   aprox 66 - 72 "   packs can vary  some may be longer
weft style natural      texture medium   weft weight  medium    
full packs average 3.3 oz or 100 g     this piece is 1/2  of the package or around 40 g
This weft is washable and may be combed
this is a  single sewn weft  weft is 1 layer and more flexable than the double sewn weft   ( helpful for smaller wigs )

This is a very heavily wefted commercial weft  for wigging large dolls and masks . figure on the wefts being 1/4 - 1/2 " apart around the wig  measure your wig cap to determine needed yardage
.  The weft is pre combed to remove waste, all set to turn into hair for your favorite doll. Working with this is a dream it is shown as it will arrive. My  weft is available in an assortment of great colors and because it is wefted it will stay put while working with it, there is less chance of it getting wasted if you have to pause during rooting or wig making. This would make great doll hair for a ooak or antique. . It is a nice clean as there is no vegetable matter or waste with weft. Have more time for your doll work with less mohair prep time . I will combine Your auctions to lower the postage. So check please out my other items

This is not a wig,

( weft is  locks combed and sewn across the top, the edge is turned and it is sewn down to lock the hairs in place  . Hair extensions and wigs  are  usually made from weft )
Many more colors available


Condition New