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Weft undyed Wensleydale Locks 6-11" x 1 yd 26396

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Wensleydale Locks  custom weft, curly locks, Natural color

 1 yd , 6-11  inch lock length 

  • Custom weft is hand sewn lock by lock to be sure all hairs are sewn at the shorn end
  • this is wefted more thickly than the commercial weft, so there are more than twice as many hairs per inch of weft
  • weft is folded in photo there are 2 layers shown
  • superior shine and each lot of weft is seperatly photographed so you see the wave type.
    • the length of the weft  1 yard   multiple yard orders are cut as one piece when possible
    • the length of the hair   6-11"   ( most 9-11 ")
    • the texture ,   fine   very silky and curlyy
    • moderate weft weight at  1.62 oz   46 g
  • wonderfully soft and shiny ready to use
  • This wonderful   weft is ready to use ,and has been conditioned to reduce  frizz
  •  all set to turn into hair for your favorite doll.


Working with this is a dream it is shown as it will arrive.  combed and wefted. My weft is available in an assortment of great colors and because it is wefted it will stay put while working with it, there is less chance of it getting wasted if you have to pause during rooting or wig making. This would make great cloth doll hair for a ooak or antique. It is a nice clean as there is no vegetable matter or waste with weft. Have more time for your doll work with less fiber prep time.

 cotswold wool is occationaly called mohair  on ebay but comes from a sheep , it is also very useful for doll hair

This is not a wig,
( weft is mohair locks combed and sewn across the top, the edge is turned and it is sewn down to lock the hairs in place  . Hair extensions and wigs  are  usually made from weft )

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Condition New