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Mohair raw white kid curls 1 oz wig root or spin 26664

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Kid Mohair Curly raw ( unwashed ) white  4-6" length

color is white ,texture is super soft curly kid with great luster  , 1 oz lots

low lanolin  = more curls per oz 

length of curls 4-6"

each lot is one oz of the raw as shown on the right  Photo is 1 oz of raw plus the washed for reference
the washed curls on the left  and the combed next to the ruler are not included And are shown so you can see how pretty it is washed and combed

It is fine fleece but will not arrive lined up that was just done for the picture

mohair, good length ( This is wonderfully silky and shiny ready to turn into hair for your favorite doll.or spin for a warm sweater . Working with this is a dream it is shown as it will arrive this is not yet washed ,he mohair has great shine, and is very silky and soft.
This can be over dyed for darker color . as far as vegetable matter there is almost none. but as this was not a coated animal and it is a bulk lot , there could be some small amounts bedding and hay and may (hat is a disclamer just in case !), ( Goats will be goats ) .The small bits of bedding or hay will mostly fall out during proccessing the fiber I will combine the auctions to lower the postage.