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Mohair raw white fine adult straighter 2 oz 3-6" 26660

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Due to the large number of international orders shipped first class international taking longer than 4 weeks to arrive, we have discontinued using first class international for shipments other than North America.  First class international has no tracking and Pay pal requires us to use tracking to prove we have shipped .   International shipping is now International  express mail  only which incudes tracking and insurance . It arrives quickly and will satisfy pay pal requirements. 

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Mohair, raw ( unwashed ) white mostly combs out to 3-7" length, fine adult mohair

  • This is a 2 oz  lot of this wonderful mohair. Color is natural white  sorted unwashed locks shorter straighter locks from item 26658
  • Photo is 1 oz  you will receive 2 oz each fleece is photographed seperatly,there is lock variation within each fleece
    the washed locks in the second photo are not included, but are a sample from this fleece to show the texture of it washed and combed
  • texture is fine adult  soft to medium waves much is  straighter than usual with a satiny hand
  • this fleece has some bits of hay and sawdust that will comb out during the washing and combing
  • length of curls mostly 3-7" once combed out , there  may be a few shorter 
  • It is doe fleece expect small amounts of VM
  • This is wonderfully shiny when washed  ,This is  ready to wash and  turn into hair for your favorite doll. . It is sold lined up  and will arive  bagged 2 oz lots tops lined up  
  • this is not yet washed but has been picked over to remove any heavy debris  .
    This can be  dyed  to any color . .This was not a coated animal and it is a bulk lot , it has been skirted to remove all heavy soil and second cuts but there is some  small amounts bedding and hay That is a disclamer just in case !), ( Goats will be goats ) .The small bits of bedding or hay will mostly fall out during proccessing the fiber I will combine the sales to lower the postage on items that ship together.


Condition New