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Mohair raw white 3-5" wavy 3rd clip fine young doe locks 3 lb spin dye 25192

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3 lb  Mohair raw ( unwashed ) fine wavy to  curly third clip fine young doe locks white  3-5" very fine curly yearling angora goat mohair  , great for curly doll hair  and larger faries

  • This is fine and grabbed a little bedding, dirt and hay but combs out silky soft and fine
  • picture 1 shows some of the unwashed fleece on the right some that I washed  lower left and a few combed locks by the ruler top left  total lot is just over 3 lb
  • picture 2 shows a close up of an once of the raw mohair
  • picture 3 a close up of the sample I washed prior to combing
  • use for spining or other crafts  this is soft enough to spin for clothing
  • color is white   great luster and wonderful soft silky curl
  • length of curls  3-5 "  a small amount may be shorter   ( regular 6 month clip )
  • 3 lbs +    lot of this  wonderful mohair pre packed in fixed rate priority boxes
  • DISCLAMER ! please remember this is raw mohair it has not been washed , it is dirty  but no dirtier than it should be after 6 months on a goat  ( I have had a few customers last year disapointed that unwashed mohair was not washed when they got it  )
  • shipping weight is 4 lb 
  • this is priced for US and Canadian shipping    all others please email for quote
  • outside USA price will be actiual shipping plus 3.00 packing fee     ( my standard per order fee to cover international  shipping)

 color is  white this has a adult texture that combs out to wonderful loose curls rather than tight crimpy waves , It is   doe fleece .This is wonderfully silky and shiny ready to wash and  turn into hair for your favorite doll or spin for a warm sweater or a drapy silky shawl . Working with this is a is not yet washed but has been picked over to remove any heavy debris  .. as far as vegetable matter there is some as pictured as this was not a coated animal and it is a bulk lot , it has been skirted to remove all manure but there is some  small amounts bedding and hay That is a disclaimer just in case !), ( Goats will be goats ) .The small bits of bedding or hay will mostly fall out during processing the fiber

I will combine the sales to lower the postage on items that ship together. this item will require repackaging to combine

Smaller lots of sorted locks can be listed if requested , as soon as I can find the time  I will wash and dye a bit from each lot to show how it comes out.

combined shipping     This item is packaged in a medium fixed rate box which is full  and can be combined into a larger box at a different rate








Condition New