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Shipping & Returns

We ship from pay pals payment page  Make sure your pay pal address is correct

 We ship domestic and international        

domestic first class takes 3-10 days from date of shipping    usually 4-5

domestic priority takes 2-4 days from date of shipping   usually 2

Handling time

unless there is a back log of orders shipping is within 24-48 hours of the first available shipping day after the order is paid .

we reserve a 5 day processing time only to cover the few times a year when there is a radical increase in shipping volume or holiday weekends / illness slow things down . But over al turnaround is less than 48 hours of the first business day after payment. 

If the post office is closed  we are also closed for shipping  purposes

( this is important if you pay Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend the next shipping day is Tuesday because the post office is not open and because we occasionally get a chance to close for a 3 day weekend and have down time )

international orders over 100.00 should go express mail so there is proper tracking

( first class to most countries takes around 2 weeks but can take as long as 6 when customs is slow )

shipping address should match the pay pal address   ( we only take pay pal for international orders )


We prefer to only ship to the pay pal address – we have to be able to show pay pal this by tracking

we prefer to properly declare product value on customs forms we are responsible for having the proper dollar value declared

occasionally customers insist on a different address or dollar amount / gift declaration

Customers that insist on a change in customs value ( gift )  or shipping to an address other than the pay pal address need to send the payment as gift –cash payment –not for goods

because we are always supposed to send pay pal orders to the pay pal address , this removes the chance we will get a charge back for shipping to a different address or not declaring the proper amount .

If you are uncomfortable with this I understand .

I am uncomfortable with being asked to not follow the rules .

So please allow me to follow the rules or send your payment as a gift .

Which means I can send your items as a gift .