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Auburn brown G angora goat mohair locks doll hair 26097

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 Aburn brown G  adult mohair  angora goat hair ,mohair locks sorted but not combed

  • Color is lanaset brown G
  • most curls 3-5"
  • these are natural mohair locks not roving 
  • this lot is sorted uncombed mohair locks ,the oz shown is from this lot
  • at the bottom is one partially combed lock  ( not included )
  • this dye is tippy sets darker at the ends but on many locks the ends lighten when they are brushed out
  • please allow for some waste as this is a sorted un combed lot
  • This is not matted, locks were slightly opened and heavy VM removed  but it is not ready to use it will need to be combed
  • hand picked locks were picked over before dying to remove any heavy VM
  • not opened by machine so there are less short bits most locks 3-5" 
  • Color shown is  acurate to my monitor , monitors vary in color acuracy please keep this in mind
  • Please see my other listings for weft and combed mohair locks

1 oz  lots  Mohair is the hair from the angora goat , it is very silky and makes wonderful doll hair  . Dyed for doll makers to have a nice natural looking hair color that will look good on your doll or fairy.wonderful for rooting and wig making .  This lot is not lined up, it is ready to be seperated into curls for your dolls this was a lot that had several textures together some parts are more curly than others , and the curls are mostly 4" but range from 3" to 5"

about mohair    customers often ask for angora mohair

this is the hair from the angora goat.  It  is called mohair,  some have started using the term  " angora mohair "  to be sure you know it is not synthetic mohair which is man made.

angora is actually the hair from the angora rabit and not  often used for doll hair

cotswold wool is occationaly called mohair  on ebay but comes from a sheep , it is also very useful for doll hair  but has less gloss

 ( VM= vegetable matter like bedding and hay  which goats are so good at getting into)