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About Us

 About us

Shop.mohairwig.com is the sales cart for what started as mohairwig ( we switched because we needed inventory control )

Please be sure your pay pal address is correct as that is what we will use for shipping if the payment comes through pay pal

This adventure started when I was sidelined from work with a back injury 21 years ago . And took up doll making to try to keep bills paid . The hard part of doll making way back then was finding realistic hair .

Mohairwig.com came along after years of testing and trying different doll hair methods and fibers .

We developed our own line of dyes from non chrome safe to use acid dyes . And moved from having all weft sewn to me to having much sewn to order for our site .

Shop.mohairwig.com is happy to try to help customers choose the correct fiber to make the project reflect the ideas in the artists mind .

Hair is the dolls crowning glory , the many fibers available each will give a different look .

Have fun shopping

Allow a 5 day lead time for in stock items to be packaged and mailed, most items will ship within less than 48 hours , but to allow for Holidays, weekends and high volume times we recommend ordering so that a 5 day handling time will not impact your order .

Custom orders should allow a 6-8 week lead time to allow for a proper plan to be made and dyeing-color approvel - drying -sewing . Custom orders are worked on each day after the regular shipping is done so extra time must be allowed .

Rush order requests are declined usually , because it means either other customers orders or family time is negatively impacted . I chose dye and sewing because I can work at my own pace after 2 back and 1 hand operation , while I am able to work trying to do too much hand work in any one day is just not possible . So while I am happy to work on special requests they need to be at an acceptable pace .